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Brenda Lee Design

Interior Interior Design in Phoenix, Arizona

Brenda Lee Design has rapidly become one of the leading interior designers in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and Bordering Mexico communities such as Puerto Penasco and San Carlos.  We have also been commissioned for projects in additional areas such as Charlotte, North Carolina, and Southern California.

As a leading designer, Brenda brings a grace of sophisticated elegance to all interiors. She has the unique ability to unfold a variety of detail, scale, space planning for the client’s tastes whether it’s Traditional, Sophisticated Contemporary, Transitional, Old World, or Eclectic European.

Brenda is a graduate of the American Institute of Interior Design and held the distinction of being on the Deans List.

The Intricacies of Our Design Process

Our interior design process is all about letting the spaces come alive! The main goal is to create rooms that ‘speak’ (without words) to explain the splendid beauty of the interior surroundings.

There are some basic elements to design that complete the style of your choice.

A house is not a home unless the spaces within entice our senses, bring comfort, and support positive living.

• Vibrant colors

• Fabric correlations

• Lighting

• Custom pieces to fit the space

• Hue combinations

• Floor coverings

• Feng Shui

• Different textures throughout

• Window treatments

• Selective furnishings for style

Brenda Lee Design Takes Pride in The Diversity Styles of Our Design


“...Most Professional Design Company”

BRENDA LEE DESIGN was the most professional design company that I have ever worked with. They are professional, very creative in the way that we were looking to design our lifestyle. BRENDA LEE DESIGN took our wishes and made them a reality.

 Thank you!”

“...Best When It Comes to Colors”

“Just a quick mention that Brenda Lee Design is the best when it comes to colors and understanding how they all go together. I highly recommend her!”

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Dreams do come true and reality begins by taking action. At BLD, no project is too small or too large. We work as a team to create whatever your heart desires. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can best serve your home with interesting, hand-picked designs. We do make dreams a reality so let us help you bring yours to life!