The Right Lighting Enhances a Room’s Design

Have you ever walked into a room that just seemed so dark and dismal?

Lighting could be the problem. No matter how many pretty flowers or decorations you add, the aesthetic is still drab and gloomy.

Brenda Lee Design has the answer: let there be light!

The right accent lighting can brighten up any room. We do things like adding a lamp next to your sofa or bed to create visual interest in your room. We skillfully use accent lighting to draw attention to a particular object such as artwork, sculptures, an antique bookcase or a family heirloom. Brenda Lee Design can help you find the perfect lighting to make your interior shine and your precious objects stand out.

Brenda Lee Design will take your style, color schemes, room size, and furniture into consideration when helping you select the perfect lighting. We combine the unique style of your home and bring out its best features. The perfect accent lighting can highlight special architectural details, such as a column, trims and moldings.

Brenda Lee Design is a full-service design firm that allows clients to achieve their ultimate design goals. We offer a wide variety of design choices that make redecorating a seamless venture. We also design custom choices that are unique to each client’s project.


“...Most Professional Design Company”

BRENDA LEE DESIGN was the most professional design company that I have ever worked with. They are professional, very creative in the way that we were looking to design our lifestyle. BRENDA LEE DESIGN took our wishes and made them a reality.

 Thank you!”

“...Best When It Comes to Colors”

“Just a quick mention that Brenda Lee Design is the best when it comes to colors and understanding how they all go together. I highly recommend her!”

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